About RyE-Z

Hi there this is Sarah and Ethan at RyE-Z Above Cards and Memorabilia. We’re the parent company and the home for the one and only IG breaker MrsSquirts_cards. You may know us from IG and hearing us during our breaks but we’re more than just the voices you hear. We’re both entrepreneurs, parents and self driven individuals. Our businesses are focused around our family. The name RyE-Z (pronounced Rise) is in honor of our kids. We hope that we can hand all companies we own down to our children and help pave a future for the next generation. One of our goals is to Rise Above and to succeed in this hobby but also in all aspects of life. We enjoy the community and the thrill of opening packs for our friends. With us both being entrepreneurs in two different fields of work this community and business has brought us closer together and our kids even enjoy it 😀 (win-win in my book). We hope that you decide to take this journey with us and we can pull some major fire for you at a reasonable price. Our number one goal is to bring unity back to community.

Break With Squirt
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